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Защита прав собственника имущества

Kasyanenko & partners law firm has been working in the field of property disputes for more than 10 years.

Our specialists actively oppose and prevent any kind of fraudulent schemes aimed at illegal acquisition of real estate.

We not only provide services aimed at combating scammers and scammers, but also help our clients to find the most effective methods for the return of ownership of property that was illegally reissued by scammers.

In this direction we will help:

  • to achieve legal recognition of ownership of real estate;
  • to cancel the illegal re-registration of an apartment or house, to restore property rights, to enter the relevant information in the Unified state register of rights to real estate;
  • return the property even if at the stage of enforcement proceedings, it was illegally sold at auction;
  • achieve the cancellation of transactions and contracts concluded based on forged documents or documents containing violations;
  • to punish cheaters, having achieved their bringing to criminal responsibility;
  • to do everything possible from a legal point of view, to protect the property from encroachments of swindlers.

Remember that fraud is the 190th article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. And with such in any case should not be tolerated, especially when scammers take away your property!

Article for fraud in our country is an integral part of a Special part of the criminal code, and is considered as a crime against property. Despite the fact that the first part of this article considers fraud as a crime of small gravity, but to the 4th part the degree of responsibility increases to especially serious crime.

Article 190 of the criminal code States that fraud must be understood as the illegal acquisition of rights to property or possession by deceptive methods or abuse of trust. The fact of fraud is considered finished after the property passes into illegal possession or the fraudster gets the right to dispose of it. That is, in this case, the crime has a material nature and has consequences, which are expressed in causing property damage.

Legal practice of the company Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company on protection against fraudulent actions in respect of property rights

Of course, you cannot consider fraud as something that was not previously. But the economic situation in the country has deteriorated sharply in recent years, and the number of people wishing to get easy profits has increased significantly, as, accordingly, the number of crimes related to property. For example, if there is a process of re-registration of the apartment or its inheritance, the new owner can really face a very unpleasant fact-his house already belongs to a third party. Dmytro Kasyanenko explains how the scammers manage to pull off such a thing and protect themselves from a fair punishment.

Paying attention to the opinion of an experienced lawyer, it is safe to say that scams, which are built on gaining access to the register of property rights, in our time are a very popular way of easy and illegal profit.

One of the schemes used by apartment scammers

In the practice of our company there was a case when we were approached by a citizen to whom a housemate bequeathed his apartment. Problems arose immediately after our client tried to issue the right of ownership of housing after the death of a neighbor. In the process of registration of rights to real estate it turned out that the woman allegedly sold his apartment for a few years before his death. In the register of property rights there was a corresponding mark about it made by the private notary. Our client insisted that this could not happen, as he is one hundred percent sure that the woman lived in the apartment until the day of his death and regularly paid for utilities.

Specialists of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company found a private notary, and received information from her that she did not perform such registration procedures, and this purchase and sale transaction is fictitious. Scammers hoping to get housing for nothing, were able to gain access to a single register, using the signature of a private notary. Lawyers and attorneys of our company were able to defend the interests of the client in court and achieved full recognition of the right of ownership of housing for him.

As Dmytro Kasyanenko notes, scammers hunt for the property of elderly people – this is one of the most common methods to crank up a fictitious real estate transaction.

Legal practice of protection of property rights

To obtain advice in Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company asked a citizen who was supposed to get an apartment inherited from a lonely friend. To do this, our client turned to a notary To issue the right of ownership of housing. In the process it turned out that another notary also opened a case to obtain the same inheritance, but the grandson of the deceased. Our client suspected something was wrong, because he knew perfectly well that his friend had no relatives. The lawyers of our company have made every effort to convey this information to the Commission for consideration of complaints in the field of state registration and to achieve a positive court decision on the recognition of property rights for our client.

Also, on the website of our company you can find a large amount of information that at risk are not only individuals but also legal entities. Thus, Dmytro Kasyanenko remembered the story of how the company’s specialists defended the interests of the developer:

‘We had a situation when the scammers encroached on the property is not an elderly person, and the whole housing and construction company. To achieve their goal, the scammers were able to forge a package of documents on the reception-transfer of ownership. Scammers also made an attempt to get away with it and resell the apartment. As a result, the developer was still able to regain its ownership through the court, but for this criminal lawyers of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company did just a tremendous job: filed a petition for information on the registration of the apartment, achieved handwriting examination, received copies of the documents of the criminal case and defended the interests of the client in the courtroom’.

In that case, if you have become a victim of property scams or your property was illegally reissued to third parties-be sure to sign up for a consultation to Dmytro Kasyanenko by phone:

+38(067)239-93-88; +38(044)209-50-69.

And remember, we are able to protect your property rights!

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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