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Переговоры с кредиторами

Methods that are actively used by Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company to delay the payment of debt in the initial negotiations with the Bank, at the stage of litigation and enforcement proceedings significantly help borrowers to get additional time to find financial resources.

In court disputes with Banks and delaying the process of debt collection, our lawyers and attorneys use both new mechanisms of pressure on the financial institution, and time-tested methods of effective negotiation with the Bank. To maintain confidentiality, we will not openly talk about such legal methods of freezing the repayment of the loan. We have many times managed to try out these methods when working with various Banks in Ukraine and collection firms.

Restructuring debt, obtaining a deferment, write-off of fines and penalties

Specialists of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company took part in a huge number of negotiations on debt restructuring (more than a thousand) in various Banks of Ukraine. Our lawyers are ready to provide clients only effective assistance in delaying payments on the loan and write-off penalties.

We cannot say that there is now any single mechanism for debt restructuring. In most cases, everything happens individually. And, in this case, it is important not only to properly assess the risks, but also the prospects of restructuring. You can get the desired result only by enlisting the help of a highly qualified specialist in the Banking sector.

Under the restructuring of the loan is necessary to understand the change in the terms of repayment of the loan, based on the current financial situation of the debtor.

Restructuring assistance will be particularly effective for those who have lost a stable source of income. Our specialists will develop the most optimal scheme of payments and will be able to come to a compromise with the Bank.

Naturally, the Bank will try in every way to avoid lengthy litigation and therefore will compromise. However, it is equally important that the debtor himself was ready to make concessions. To have a dialogue with the lender is a necessity, especially if you need to increase the terms of use of the loan-borrowers often ask our experts about it. To get a request for a meeting from the Bank, please contact Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company, whose specialists know how to help you.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company has the necessary experience for high-quality negotiations with Banking institutions. We will take on all the burdens of lobbying your interests in front of the lender. It is important to note that the legal schemes used by our specialists will help borrowers to save their financial resources significantly. Lawyers and attorneys of our company will be able to find an individual approach to solving a specific problem, minimizing all risks.

We can negotiate with the Bank about:

  • write-off of penalties for late payments on credit obligations (effective before restructuring);
  • obtaining a deferral to pay the principal amount of the debt;
  • extension of the loan term;
  • change in the accrual of interest for the use of the loan (monthly payments will not exceed the mark of thirty-five percent of the total income of the family);
  • separation of foreign currency credit:
  1. on the mortgage obligation of the balance of credit payments at the exchange rate of hryvnia, effective at the time of conclusion of the contract;
  2. not on the mortgage obligation for the amount of the difference between the balance of loan payments at hryvnia exchange rate at the time of restructuring and the balance at hryvnia exchange rate at the time of conclusion of the loan agreement;
  • change the currency of payments on the loan;
  • the provision of credit vacation.

We will also help you to deal with all the nuances of credit activity, write off the debt, delay payments, reduce penalties, etc. you will reduce your credit obligations, will be able to get extra time to return credit funds, get rid of the severity of penalty interest.

Even if the Bank refuses to restructure your debts and file a lawsuit, the specialists of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will not retreat and will achieve an acceptable result already by the decision of the judicial authorities.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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