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Microloan debt

How to proceed and what solutions to choose, when microzyme any back-breaking to pay the debt?

Options any microloans and the danger their obtain

Given the existing economic situation in our country, microloans are very common. In most cases it is accepted to allocate their following types:

  • micro-loans of card-type Banking institutions;
  • card-type loans of Banking institutions under liquidation;
  • any microloans other financial companies;
  • unsecured micro-loans of Banking institutions (under the existing loan agreement).

As you can see, there are a large number of types of microloans, but all of them are United by prohibitively high interest rates and penalties for late payments. The high interest rate, in this case, serves to ensure that lenders can cover losses from loans that have not been repaid. With one hand, lender has full right on similar, with the other same-big fines make any microloans unaffordable even for those who planned in good faith pay their debts.

The result of the above situation is a large number of borrowers whose loans are irretrievably overdue. The number of such people is constantly increasing. All this leads to the need to find the most effective solutions to this problem.

How to solve the problem of arrears Microsim?

The solution to any problem with micro-loans lies, first of all, in the desire of the borrower to begin to act to get rid of the financial troubles that have arisen. The second condition for successful conflict resolution between the creditor and the debtor – the debtor has a sum of money, which will help you to say goodbye with ill-fated loan.

All it is necessary to consider two ways out of microseismology debt.

→ The first and more difficult option is to file a claim against the creditor in court To challenge the debt and exorbitantly accrued interest. As practice shows, courts increasingly began to make decisions in favor of debtors, explaining that interest cannot be legally accrued if:

  • the loan agreement is no longer valid because it has expired;
  • the borrower has received from the lender demands for early repayment of the debt in full.

If the amount of debt is small, then there is no good reason to go to court. Since the court session requires the involvement of not only significant financial, but also time costs. The debtor must also have all the receipts for payment and credit agreement, without which a positive decision of the court will be impossible. Any decent law firm will inform you at the consultation that filing a lawsuit in court with a small debt is a waste of money, effort and time. Only the costs of the trials will be approximately 5000 UAH.

→ The second way out of a difficult debt situation is to buy the debt from the Bank or collectors (so-called factoring companies). It is important to note, that debt on little loans can be buy back have collection companies (such as, for example, Trust and guarantee of), only under this you have will change lender. This method is the solution to the problem with the least resistance on the part of the lender, as he is fully interested in the return of the funds issued to you. The benefit is quite obvious, both for the lender and for the borrower: the first gets his money back (albeit in a smaller amount), the debtor extinguishes the fines and the loan at a better price, his property is removed from the arrest.

It should also be understood that the discount on the redemption of debt may be different and it depends on:

  • amounts owed, together with penalties, interest for the use of credit facilities and penalties;
  • creditor’s claims and positions;
  • date of the last payment on loans;
  • availability of court proceedings and / or enforcement proceedings;
  • availability of collateral;
  • the term of the loan agreement.

Entrust the redemption of the loan and its accompanying negotiations can only be a qualified specialist, because it is directly dependent on the price of redemption. Repayment of the loan is a one-time payment of the entire amount by prior arrangement, which also should not be forgotten. Thus, with the right approach to solving the problem, you can achieve a discount on the repayment of the loan up to 90%. That is, even a debt of 60,000 UAH can be repaid for the amount of 5,000 to 30,000 UAH.

Which of the proposed ways to choose-it’s up to you. In any case, without high-quality legal assistance, in this case, cannot do.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company can achieve write-off of credit debt to the Bank or collection firm in the amount of 70% to 90%!

In that case, if you have a problem debt, and you want to carry out the procedure for debt redemption from the Bank and termination of litigation-please contact Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company for advice on the contacts listed on our website.

Dmytro Kasyanenko, managing partner of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company, has more than 15 years of theoretical and practical experience in the field of Banking and corporate law, as well as in the protection of clients ‘ interests in the courts of all levels.

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