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Preparation of the tender documentation upon turnkey

Preparation of the tender documentation upon turnkey includes such aspects as preparation of the application for participation in the competition, consulting on issues related to participation in trade procedures, analysis of the documentation on the trade procedure of interest, support for participation in tenders, and much more.

Opportunities that are opened by participating in the procurement procedure

A tender is a competitive form of selecting offers for the provision of certain services or the supply of goods. The tender is a kind of competition that is held not only by public authorities but also by private organizations.

When carrying out public procurement, it is assumed that the relevant contracts are concluded for state or municipal needs. Previously, it was quite difficult for businesses to get into state auctions. This procedure involved difficulties due to the imperfect legal framework. Besides, often the results of the auction were already decided in advance. To date, this situation has changed significantly for the better. For business representatives, winning public procurement is a real opportunity to expand their activities and develop new areas that result in greater profits.

Why is it profitable to participate in public procurement? Everything is quite simple: the state has many needs. When entering into a contract with government agencies, entrepreneurs receive orders for the delivery of goods that are intended for a large audience. Such orders are always distinguished by impressive volumes. For this reason, it is worth fighting for a profitable order.

Turn-key tender support for enterprises is particularly relevant in such cases:

  • if entrepreneurs do not have sufficient experience of participating in state competitions;
  • if a businessman wants to minimize risks;
  • there is no desire to act without thinking.

Practice shows that most participants are not even allowed to bid because the documentation is filled in incorrectly. Therefore, if you are not a professional, it is very easy to make such mistakes. In such situations, the preparation of turnkey tender documentation may become additional insurance.

Support of public tenders by qualified lawyers can protect you from harmful shortcomings, which in turn can negatively affect the final results. Thanks to well-prepared tender documentation, the chances of achieving success in public procurement increase many times.

What services are on tender offers accompanied by Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company

Tender support is the best way to win a public tender honestly. Our company provides legal tender support services not only on a turnkey basis but also on individual issues. Full tender support of purchases includes the following services:

  • monitoring to find the most profitable customer;
  • collection of documentation, preparation of the application, which is necessary for participation in the tender;
  • providing legal advice;
  • representation of clients’ interests at auctions, including the ProZorro electronic trading platform;
  • ensuring that decisions are made legally;
  • provision of post-tender support services for concluded transactions;
  • an appeal against the results of the auction

Today, tender support services include verification of documents for the tender. The Law of Ukraine On public procurement prescribes the necessary conditions for submitting proposals by participants of public tenders. There is a specific list of requirements for the required documentation.

Participants must always submit these documents:

  • confirmation of the participant’s compliance with the necessary qualification criteria;
  • excluding the possibility of refusal to participate in the tender;
  • documents confirming the compliance of the offered products with the necessary characteristics.

Each group has a certain list of nuances that can interfere. Thanks to competent legal support, entrepreneurs do not need to puzzle over questions about the collected documentation, the company’s management can be sure of admission to the auction and a positive result.

Before ordering tender services, you should first determine their volume. You have the opportunity to contact our company for providing comprehensive support. We will also help you solve specific tasks that are more narrow legal services (checking the compliance of documents with the norms, searching for the most suitable offers, and much more).

If you have any questions, please call us (067) 239 9388

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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