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Tax optimization

According to Ukrainian laws, every company, regardless of its main field of activity, is obliged to pay regular tax contributions. If the owner of this company does not fully understand the tax system, this leads to the accrual of huge penalties, problems with the law. Therefore, tax optimization is considered one of the main aspects on the way to the development and prosperity of your business.

The role of tax planning and optimization

No activity of modern commercial enterprises is complete without planning and optimizing the tax system. After all, opening your  business is accompanied by a very logical desire – to receive income, and not to pay huge taxes. Although the payment of such taxes is considered mandatory, and if they are not paid, the company’s managers will be required to pay fines, they have every right to reduce these payments. At the same time, there are legitimate methods for resolving such issues.

According to Article 212 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, evasion of fixed payments of taxes is an offense that can be considered in court as a criminal act. As for such a common concept as tax optimization – this is a legitimate method that helps to reduce the total amount allocated for paying tax fees.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers and lawyers will tell their clients more information about the legal way to reduce taxes by optimizing them.

Rules for effective tax optimization

To reduce the burden on the company from the tax service, you will need to follow several rules:

  • The developed tax policy of any enterprise must be based on the laws of Ukraine. That is why in the process of thinking through each new strategy, it is recommended to study in detail all the innovations that have been made to the Tax code.
  • You will need to find effective ways to run your business, which will help even with maximum income to reduce the payment of taxes.
  • Once you have decided on optimization methods, make sure that they are available and remember that they must remain under control for the duration of their application.
  • During tax planning, you can’t discount all sorts of risks for the company. Thus, the company will always be ready to solve complex situations that will not be unforeseen.
  • To reduce tax charges, we recommend using various legal options.

Criteria for the effectiveness of the tax optimization scheme involved

The optimization system used is considered effective and working if it fully complies with certain principles:

  1. The system does not stop working even in the most difficult situations. For example, tough competition from other businesses or pressure from fiscal service employees.
  2. If the amount of deductions does not exceed the initially planned norms that are prescribed in the company’s budget.
  3. Various negative factors were taken into account that may worsen the financial position of the company.
  • The implemented scheme is designed for long-term use.

Assistance in tax optimization

Given the current economic situation in Ukraine, many managers of companies that have just opened or business owners who have long been trying to get out of the financial hole, face a difficult load from the tax service. As a result, the further conduct of their business remains under a big question mark.

Although in Ukraine there are a large number of different types of taxes and fees, there are different versions of tax systems, as well as the availability of tax benefits. Therefore, in the process of planning your business management system, it is possible for company managers to develop several models of successful business at once. The main condition is to correctly determine all the schemes for reducing tax charges. It is in this matter that Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists will be able to help.

Specialist services:

  • Tax optimization for different companies, regardless of their main field of activity.
  • Elimination of errors in tax documentation.
  • Consultations concerning the resolution of non-regulated and controversial issues when taxing.
  • Checking existing tax schemes that have been used in the company for a long time.
  • Consulting on foreign trade and double taxation.
  • Solution of specific business transactions, payment of taxes, fees and other options for charging.
  • Conducting tax minimization on legal grounds. Specialists will help you choose the scheme for paying tax fees.

The specifics of resolving controversial issues on the part of experts is not only to reduce the accruals for basic taxes but also to create the necessary image for Your company, which will act as a conscientious payer in the eyes of its business partners and civil service employees.

The introduction of well-studied and pre-tested schemes allows you to establish the correct operation of the entire contract base, control system and accounting policy of the enterprise.

Tax minimization is the best solution

Every year, such a concept as tax minimization becomes more and more relevant for many businessmen. The constant increase in tax rates leads to the fact that the company begins to work not for profit, but for a loss. To stay afloat, many executives have resorted to the only right decision to minimize taxes.

Tax planning and optimization are legal methods that will prevent the company owner from being criminally liable for non-payment of fixed and mandatory amounts.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists will take full responsibility for building an individual model of a minimized tax system. Our specialists will be able to solve any difficult situations with the maximum benefit for your business.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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