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Subscription legal services

Commercial and non-commercial legal entities, despite the form of their legal organization (immediately after registration in state bodies), have a certain legal status and have their  rules for regulating their activities. The legislative framework is a mandatory basis when it comes to the functioning, development, registration or liquidation of such entities. Conclusion of contractual relations, payment of taxes, registration of new employees, etc. All this must take place within the framework of the current legislation. That is why having a staff of lawyers is a necessity rather than a privilege. But the content of the legal Department is a very expensive enterprise, moreover, the experience of lawyers of the company itself in most cases is not enough to provide correct, fast and effective legal assistance.

That is why subscription legal services have become so widespread in the circles of commercial and non-profit organizations. It is carried out by companies engaged in legal outsourcing.

Quite often, companies use this type of service even if they have their  staff of lawyers. This happens when there is a need to solve complex legal problems that require significant experience and narrow specialization.

Remember that legal subscription services are always a reliable protection of your commercial or non-commercial activities. Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company provides its clients with this service, regardless of which region of Ukraine requires legal protection or assistance. Our team consists only of experienced employees who have significant practical experience and theoretical knowledge to solve the most complex legal disputes and problematic situations.

We provide legal services in two forms of organization: on a one-time basis (representation of interests in court or controlling state bodies, analysis of contracts, conclusion of transactions, etc.) or subscription services (for both individuals and legal entities).

Representation in judicial bodies

  • Representation of interests is carried out by specialists who have experience in the consideration of such court cases
  • Comprehensive analysis of Your situation and selection of optimal solutions
  • Legally well-formed document
  • High chances of getting the result you need
  • Comprehensive approach to Your question
  • Ability to influence the course of the case during the hearing
  • High chances of getting the result you need

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company offers the following services to its clients:

  • assistance in registering a legal entity;
  • preparation, execution and registration of the required set of statutory documents;
  • providing advice on all aspects of the business, company or organization;
  • providing information about changes in legislation;
  • analysis of documentation, verification of compliance of documents with the current legislation;
  • transaction support;
  • working with personnel and preparing them for upcoming inspections by controlling state bodies, such as the tax Inspectorate.
  • legal representation in state and non-state bodies;
  • assessment of prospects for positive resolution of disputes in court and pre-trial procedure;
  • representation in court and protection of the client’s interests in administrative or criminal proceedings.

The considerable experience of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company shows that subscription legal services are one of the most effective and optimal options for entrepreneurs, both individuals and legal entities.

This form of interaction has several advantages compared to having a full-time lawyer. These include: no difficulties with the registration of a full-time lawyer, payment of wages, no vacation and sick periods, no social financial contributions, no need to allocate a workplace and its equipment. Our lawyers are always ready to provide you with legal support on any issue of complexity.

Our company is proud of the fact that the specialists of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company can always guarantee their clients: a proper professional approach to solving legal problems, prompt response to difficulties, the ability to prevent possible difficulties in the future and minimize associated risks, and maintaining constant communication with the client. We offer terms of cooperation that will fully meet your expectations.

If you are interested in getting a one-time or permanent subscription service in Kyiv or any other city in Ukraine, then you have chosen a reliable and responsible company!

Our services include the following:

  • conducting diverse consultations, both orally and in writing;
  • preparation of legal opinions and execution of legal audit results;
  • preparation of necessary documentation;
  • legal organization of an enterprise or company;
  • constant monitoring of legislation, informing clients about changes in it;
  • provision of services for conducting negotiations with contractors;
  • providing services to represent the client’s interests in various government agencies;
  • resolution of civil and administrative disputes.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will provide you with a high level of legal protection in all aspects of your organization or business. One-time services from other companies can not only help you solve your problems, but also make you spend money for nothing. All you need is to contact our specialists using the contacts listed on the site. Don’t deny your business success!

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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