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Registration of LLC

Opening your  business involves a certain responsibility of both an individual and a legal entity. Of course, a novice businessman first thinks about possible profits. But do not forget that only work in the legal field is legal. The legality and transparency of the company is impossible without its registration, for example, in such an organizational and legal form as a limited liability company.

Although a superficial assessment of the company’s registration in Ukraine does not seem too complicated event, it requires mandatory passage of certain stages. Applying to the tax authorities, opening bank accounts (in foreign and national currency), obtaining an electronic signature (a unique key containing letters and numbers), these are just a short list of items that include registration of LLC. The situation is such that you cannot skip one or more stages. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

How to open an LLC?

If there is no stable profit and good earnings, then there is no need to register your business. Working in the legal field is welcome if the entrepreneur is doing well. Many potential partners, whose cooperation will bring excellent profits, will not work with an unregistered company.

So, we have decided on the need for registration. Now it is important to understand what exactly we will open IE or LLC. The advantage of individual entrepreneurship is the provision of the necessary reporting in a simplified form. But the businessman is obliged to make payments in a certain amount once a year (the procedure is mandatory).

→ The presence of the authorized capital at the time of registration of the company is not required today. This issue can be resolved during the first year of operation of the LLC. At the legislative level, the minimum amount of authorized capital is not set. The company’s capital can be not only tangible assets, but also property. The proportions established by the owner.

→ One or more people can conduct business in an LLC. According to the law, the number of individuals and legal entities here can reach 100. Every citizen of Ukraine has the opportunity to open their business (limited liability company). Two main points: the availability of funds and the desire to realize themselves in the conduct of commercial activities.

→ Before starting the main stage of LLC registration, it is important to come up with a company name. Ideally, there are several options, so that there are no matches with the existing ones. It is important to set the amount of authorized capital. In this case, indicate whether it is about money, property or a combined version. The QEA-2010 classifier will help you understand the type of economic activity. This issue should be approached with maximum responsibility. The thing is that this type of activity will be entered in the statistics help. Moreover, if you do not pay attention to the choice, shortly it may turn out that you need a license to conduct business.

→ At the next stage, the Director of the company is selected. If a citizen of another country is appointed to the position of Director, he must confirm his right to stay in our country.

The Ukrainian director provides a passport and registration card when registering an LLC. Foreign head of the residence permit, the right to conduct entrepreneurial activity, the identification code (produced in Ukraine). An important point is the notarized translation of all documents into Ukrainian.

→ After that, you should decide on the tax system and specify the location of the new company.

The state Registrar provides detailed instructions for official registration of the company. Here, it is mandatory not only to complete all stages, but also to strictly adhere to the terms of each.

A complex registration procedure is considered to be completed when the entrepreneur is in the hands of:

  • information from statistical agencies,
  • extract from the Unified register,
  • an inventory of the Registrar,
  • payer’s income (depending on the selected tax system).

It should be noted that the USR statement, which the entrepreneur receives after registering the company, contains all the necessary information. Therefore, most of the documents listed above are not mandatory. But taking into account some peculiarities of our mentality and constant changes in the legislation, these documents will not be superfluous.

Registration of LLC under the laws of Ukraine

The procedure for registration of LLC at the official level is not only in the interests of the state. Entrepreneurs also act as an interested party, because there is a great opportunity to get reliable information about their potential partners and competitors. Moreover, creating a transparent market plays a significant role. You can use both standard registration procedures and remote access. In General, the Director or his authorized representative can submit documents for registration of an LLC, or use the Internet. Important point: documents submitted electronically must have proof of authenticity.

The process of state registration of LLC:

* registration of the minutes of the constituent Assembly with mandatory signatures of all founders;

  • Charter of the company: certified by a notary, stitched, pages are numbered;
  • submission of an application for registration in the Ukrainian language;

* form of the selected method of calculating taxes.

The registration procedure itself can take quite an impressive time period. Only after the relevant information is published on the electronic media portal, the LLC can be congratulated on its appearance on the domestic market of the country. Information from the registration card is sent by the State Registrar to all regulatory authorities. The issue must be resolved on the day of registration of the company.

Registration of LLC (turnkey): our advantages

Based on the above, not every entrepreneur can pass the procedure of state registration of an LLC. In particular, if a person has never faced bureaucratic red tape, does not know what queues are and does not understand why officials do not work according to the established schedule. We can cite many examples when a businessman who wants to work in the legal field, after obvious incidents and injustice, simply throws this idea.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law lawyers offer the help in registration of the LLC. With the help of the company’s specialists, the price of registration of LLC will increase slightly, but there is a clear saving of time and nerve cells. Kasyanenko & Partners Law specialists have the necessary level of knowledge to quickly resolve all organizational issues.

Consulting assistance to entrepreneurs at all stages remains an important point. Kasyanenko & Partners Law lawyers will not only help you choose the most loyal tax system, but also reveal the secrets of a successful business.

Ordering the registration of LLC in Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company is a competent solution that allows you to save time and nerves. Most organizational issues are solved by our specialists. The full package of documents is collected without the client’s participation.  The legality of the paperwork is guaranteed.

Correct, fast and accurate registration of LLC when applying to Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company is unconditional.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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