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Registration of IE

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company professionals help all interested clients to register sole proprietorship in Kyiv or other cities. Many novice businessmen consider the form of business activity such as individual entrepreneur as the most successful option. There is logic in this solution. Paying a single tax and not having to hire an accountant (allocating him a room for work and paying wages) is an advantage of IE. All reports to the regulatory authorities are also provided directly by the owner of the company. In practice, the above form of doing business is relatively simple (the level of responsibility, if compared, is much lower).

Main stages of IE registration

Any adult citizen of Ukraine can become the owner of a registered IE. Legal capacity is a prerequisite. Interestingly, you can register your business at the age of 16. But in this case, without the consent of parents or guardians can not do. Naturally, the consent must be officially certified. To issue a sole proprietorship to legally citizens of other countries. They are required to have a confirmed right to conduct business. It is important to note that they must be in the country by law.

Civil servants can’t start their businesses. While under investigation, your case is also not registered. The injunction also imposes its restrictions.

The definition of the goals and objectives of commercial activity must occur before the future cooperator begins to collect documents for company registration. QEA classifier to help. It is on it that you can accurately determine the name of the activity of a novice businessman. As experienced experts’ advice, there is a reason in addition to the main name, to pick up a few additional ones. This simple solution will help you avoid serious problems in the future. For example, registration of patents or licenses.

Choosing a system for calculating tax liabilities requires a clear understanding of the issue. Moreover, the entrepreneur must provide a book that will reflect all income and expenses. Should I say that there are separate requirements for the design of the book? The simplified tax system consists in the calculation and payment of a Single social contribution. Of course, in addition to paying a single tax. This system is in well-deserved demand among small businesses.

Refusal of registration of a sole proprietorship

Of course, the refusal is possible not at the personal discretion of the registrar, but on the facts specified in the article of the law.

So, when will IE registration be refused:

  • if the person does not have the right to submit documents;
  • there is a ban of a judicial nature (you can’t cheat here, because all the data is entered in the state system);
  • there are restrictions on the selected type of activity (all by law);
  • the entrepreneur already has a registered business.

Refusal to register can be challenged in court. There are a lot of nuances and subtleties here. The main point is the collection of all necessary documents. Compliance with the established form is mandatory. It is on the implementation of this point that the achievement of a positive result largely depends. Moreover, if the documents are issued incorrectly or with errors, they simply will not be accepted for work.

Contacting Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will help you get acquainted with all the advantages and disadvantages of IE, which will affect making the right decision. Consultations on the correct choice of the system for calculating tax liabilities will lead to a practical choice of the most appropriate method. It is important to resolve the issue before visiting the tax authorities.

The secret of successful development of private business is to work in the legal field. Kasyanenko & Partners Law lawyers will help each client to achieve the desired result. Speed, quality, and professionalism are the main principles of the company.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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