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JSC registration

One of the most popular forms of business activity is a joint stock company (JSC). The main feature of the LLC is the division of capital into shares. Each owner of a block of shares has rights and obligations. Today, the joint stock company is applicable in large and medium-sized businesses. There are two concepts related to this form of business – public and private.

JSC features

The company’s activity depends on the decision of the shareholders’ meetings. There is no one-man management here. To make decisions regarding the control and regulation of the JSC’s operations, a group of shareholders is elected. A kind of election takes place at a meeting of Directors.

A joint stock company is entitled to enter into cooperation agreements with other companies and open a Bank account. You can create subsidiaries and representative offices. The right applies both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.

Established rights of JSC participants:

  • participation in the distribution of income (receiving a share of profits due by law);
  • management of the company’s activities;
  • requiring information about the company’s activities that reflects the current state of affairs;
  • leaving society for good reasons.

Deposits of JSC participants can be not only monetary, but also property.

Several companies can open a joint stock company. The name has its  nuances: it reflects the legal form and type of the company. A shortened version of the name in Ukrainian is allowed, with the full name in a foreign language.

Procedure for registration of a joint stock company

When registering a joint stock company, many nuances must be taken into account. Practice shows that it is important to  observe the stages. Collecting documents, making an extract from the register, obtaining an electronic signature (for documents in electronic format). The list is far from complete.

To avoid possible errors and save nerve cells, you can entrust the preparation of the registration of a joint stock company with the receipt of a full package of documents upon its completion to Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists.

→ The first stage is the drafting of the foundation agreement (it must be signed by all the founders of the joint stock company). It describes the main stages of creation. The document is not valid permanently.

→ Holding a closed placement of shares at the second stage. Upon its completion, it is the turn of state registration.

It is not possible to conduct each stage without first collecting documents. The main document is shares. Without them, there is no need to talk about any activity of the joint stock company. Therefore, it is very important to issue and register shares (in a strictly specified amount) after signing the Foundation agreement.

The entire registration process cannot last more than three days. The term is set by the law of Ukraine. However, the legal activity of the JSC will be considered only after registration of all information in the Pension Fund. And only after that, the founders can be congratulated on the full design.

Professional help from Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company

Contacting Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company is a worthy alternative to solving issues on your own. Professionalism, decency, conscientious and clear fulfillment of all obligations-this is a short list of advantages of cooperation. We undertake the preparation of the necessary documents and assistance directly in the registration process.

Each client can count on:

  • legal advice on the purpose of the new organization’s form;
  • assistance in choosing the most democratic form of tax liability accrual;
  • tips for providing the necessary documents;
    • assistance in collecting a set of documents (helps avoid errors and saves time);
    • the client’s interests are represented in public administration bodies (personal presence of the client is not required);
  • implementation of procedures in regulatory and tax authorities;
  • opening a current account (assistance in making a Bank account);
  • if necessary, the production of seals or stamps, assistance in solving this issue.

Each client is provided with an individual approach, thanks to which the most convenient scheme of cooperation is developed. Achieving a positive result in the shortest possible time is guaranteed.

Contacting Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers and attorneys will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes, save time, and allow you to get started without any difficulties.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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