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Registration of housing cooperative

Many residents of apartment buildings complain about the quality of housing and communal services. People want to make better use of their proper property. Therefore, they can refuse housing services and form an Association of co-owners of apartment buildings, or housing cooperative (in Ukrainian). This practice also applies in European countries, and it is called a condominium.

Registration of this form of ownership involves preparing documentation and performing certain tasks on time. All procedures are carried out strictly according to the law.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists are ready to assist in the registration of the housing cooperative, to perform the work on the preparation of documentation, as well as to accompany from beginning to end at all stages.

The list of documents for the creation of housing cooperative (condominiums)

It should be noted that the housing cooperative is a legal entity. That is, when registering this status, you must follow the laws relating to the registration of legal entities. certain nuances should be taken into account. One of them: an Association can be created within only one residential complex. This rule does not apply to multiple objects at once.

Now we should move on to the main issue-documentation. Application forms are established by the laws of Ukraine.

How is housing cooperative registered

To create an association of co-owners of an apartment building, you should follow a well-built algorithm:

  1. Call a meeting of owners. Such opportunities are available to the owner, senior housemate, or initiative group. In this case, the group must consist of at least three owners (it does not matter whether apartments or office space). Two weeks before the meeting, you need to make receipts or write letters and send them by mail. It is mandatory to specify the exact time and place of the event. Besides, it is necessary to prepare a draft Charter, which will be used by the owners after the creation of the association.
  2. The holding of the meeting. It is considered legitimate and official if half of all registered owners are present. If there are fewer people gathered, then the decisions taken on certain initiatives are not counted. Now you should go directly to the meeting: it deals with issues related to the creation of the Association. There, the owners get acquainted with the draft Charter, approve or make changes. The document is adopted when two-thirds of those present at the constituent Assembly voted for it, and this is at least. As for votes: each owner has the right to only one vote, regardless of the number of premises he owns (there may be more than two of them, but this does not play a fundamental role).
  3. Registration of housing cooperative. To issue it, you need to contact the city administration and submit documents. The list of documents includes registration card; minutes of the meeting; approved Charter of owners (you must provide two originals and three copies); list of potential co-owners of apartment buildings.
  4. Entering information in the state register. After submitting and reviewing the documents, data on CMOS are entered in the State register of non-profit institutions and organizations. Board members are required to write an application for registration at the local branch of the State fiscal service. The application is filled in according to the established form 1-PH. Copies of constituent documents are also provided.
  5. Opening a bank account for financial transactions.

It should be noted that only owners of premises can be members of the condominiums. Tenants are not granted this right.

Registration of housing cooperative with the help of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company.

Our specialists will help you to register the housing cooperative:

  • draw up and execute constituent documents, protocols, the content and form of which is established by the Ukrainian legislation;
  • register the house as a legal object and organize registration with authorized bodies and funds;
  • conduct activities to obtain the status of the object as an Association of co-owners of an apartment building and a non-profit organization;
  • help with entering into the State Register;
  • advise on the functioning of the Association, all legal aspects.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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