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Registration of a public organization

A public organization in any country of the world is a form of Association of citizens for the solution of certain goals, the participants of which are individuals. Both individuals and legal entities can create an organization and participate in its activities. Registration of a public organization is a process similar to the registration of a legal entity.

In 2013, the law of Ukraine On public associations came into force. From this point on, the Foundation of a civil organization is carried out according to the new rules.

The first thing affected by the changes is the cancellation of the mandatory territorial binding. Organizations can be all-Ukrainian, district, city, etc. Besides, members are allowed to choose the location of their organization, it can be any city in Ukraine. At the same time, no one takes away the right of the organization to get the status of all-Ukrainian at the request or request of the authorized bodies.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists provide a range of services for registration of public organizations. We will help you draft a Charter that meets all legal requirements, as well as assist in the registration process with government agencies.

Documents required for registration of a public organization

The law allows you to create a public organization as a separate legal entity. List of documents to be submitted to the authorized bodies:

  • written on the model statement;
  • registration card;
  • minutes of the meeting where the issue of creating a public organization was raised;
    • two original articles of association;
  • information about the governing bodies and their representative (together with their documented consent);
  • a notarized document confirming the registration of a foreign individual (provided that this person is one of the founders).

It should be remembered that all forms are filled out strictly following the law. Applications and powers of attorney are not written in free form. In cases where similar violations and smaller errors are found in the documents, the package is returned to the applicants for revision.

We can say that the refusal to register an organization is purely legal, there are no subjective reasons. Applicants submit documents with errors, which leads to a refusal in registration or delay in this process. To avoid this, contact Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company.

Algorithm of actions when registering a public organization

If we are talking about registering a non-profit organization, everything happens according to the procedure established by law.

Consideration of documents, entering data and registration of a public organization is carried out within two months. To do this, submit the collected official documents to the local branch of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

How the registration ends: information received by state registrars is entered in the State register of public organizations. If the organization is created by legal entities, the information is recorded in the Unified state register. Besides, the organization is registered with the statistical authorities, revenue and fees, and the Pension Fund of Ukraine.

It should also be noted that a public organization has the right to its symbols, which are subject to registration in the Ukrainian state register.

For an open organization to function as an all-Ukrainian organization, applicants must provide proof of the presence of branches in Ukrainian cities and other localities in Ukraine. This information should be confirmed every year.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company experts assist in the registration of public organizations. You need to provide for work:

  • name of the organization and description of its activities;
  • copies of the founders ‘ passports, as well as certificates confirming the assignment of taxpayer identification codes to these individuals;
  • copies of constituent documents and extracts (if the founder is a legal entity);
  • information about members of the management Board of the organization;
  • the legal address of the NGO (including the lease agreement);
  • power of attorney to conduct business and represent interests.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company registration services

Our specialists will help individuals and legal entities to register public organizations in Ukraine. We will perform the following tasks efficiently and on time:

  • we will develop constituent documents and protocols following the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
  • start registration of the organization and put it on record in all authorized state bodies and funds;
  • we will pass the official acts for which the Association is registered;
  • we will accompany clients when assigning the organization the status of non-profit, follow the entry in the Unified State Register;
  • provide advice and legal support on issues arising in the course of the organization’s activities.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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