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Registration of a Public Association

Registration of a Public Association is a rather complex process that requires knowledge of the legal framework and possession of all the nuances of legally competent registration to introduce members of the organization to the course of business and to develop the constituent documentation. Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers are ready to offer the full range of services required for successful registration of the Association in Kyiv.

In early 2013, the new Law of Ukraine On public associations came into force, which led to some important changes in this area of activity. Thus, the provision on mandatory territorial dependence of associations was invalidated, and instead, a new procedure was established that provides for an independent choice of the field of activity. At the request of the participants of the future Association, it can be assigned the status of all-Ukrainian, provided that all requirements are met.

List of necessary documents for registration of a public association

A public Association is created in one of the organizational and legal forms:

  1. organization-individuals become the organizer and members;
  • the Union is organized by a legal entity, and legal entities and/or individuals can be members.
  • if a public association needs the status of a legal entity, the following documents are required to create such a Union:
    1. handling of the claimed design;
    2. completed registration form;
  • minutes of the constituent meeting;
  • Charter in two copies;
  • consent of the management and its representative, full accompanying information about them;
  • data on the property owned by the founders (exclusively for the public type Union);
    1. if the founder has a different nationality, an official document on the registration of a foreign legal entity is submitted.

The registration form, application, and data require the signature of the representative and notarization.

If the registration of a Public Association does not require the registration of a legal entity, the following documents are provided to the registering organization:

  • handling of the claimed design;
  • minutes of the constituent meeting;
  • information about the creators and authorized person;
  • the Charter in two samples and data on the manual (subject to the corresponding requirement in the Protocol).

The law provides for strict compliance with all conditions stipulated by the form and content of the Charter and Protocol. In case of partial fulfillment of the approved requirements, the registering organization has the right to reject the application for registration or send the documents for revision. In this regard, a large number of refusals in registration is the result of incorrect filling in the accompanying documentation.

Procedure for registering a Public Association

The law gives 60 days to register a new Public Association. During this time, the entire package of documents is submitted for consideration to the local registration service authority, which then issues:

  1. registration confirmation;
  • rejection of the registration request;
  • recommendations for improving documentation;
    1. attested fact that the documents were not considered in the working order.

If the result is in favor of the applicants, the new organization is entered in the Register of public associations. If an organization is assigned the status of a legal entity, it is registered with certain statistical agencies, and its data is sent to the Unified State Register.

Conclusion on registration of the Association in the status of legal entity.the document is sent to the authorized person and includes several documents:

  • extract from the Unified state register;
  • registration certificate of the Foundation of a public organization (the document form is provided by the CMU standard);
  • Charter (one copy) with an official record of registration.

According to the legislation, to obtain the status of an all-Ukrainian United public order organization, it is necessary to have separate branches in many administrative and territorial parts of the state. When creating an Association, the organizers can add the phrase “all-Ukrainian” to the name. To confirm this status, you need to send a request to the local registration authority. Even if the request is granted, the founders must take into account the fact that the organization will be subject to annual checks for compliance with this status. If violations are found during the next inspection, the organization will get 60 days to eliminate them. If the functioning of this organization does not comply with legal norms during the allotted period, it is deprived of this status.

Registration services from Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists

The competence of our specialists includes the rapid organization of the registration process of a public Association, which includes services:

  • preparation of constituent documents, preparation of protocols and conclusions following all applicable legislation;
  • support of the registration process in certain state bodies, up to the inclusion of the Association in all necessary registers;
  • providing a full package of documents confirming registration and registration;
  • consulting on the subsequent functioning of the organization.

Timely appeal to Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists will save you from unnecessary problems when registering a public Association.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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