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Nonprofit organization

The Tax Code of Ukraine has fixed such a concept as non-profit organizations. They may be an enterprise, institution or organization registered as a legal entity whose main purpose of functioning is not to obtain material benefits. It is engaged in charity, patronage and operates within the framework of legislation. Among non-profit organizations, there are:

  • Business combination

Association of enterprises – a legal entity, a business entity consisting of two or more companies that have United to solve common problems in the economic, scientific and social spheres.

  • Check-in housing cooperative

housing cooperative, which are associations of co-owners of an apartment building. serve as a mechanism for effective joint management, use, and maintenance of the house, the local area.

  • Registration of a religious organization and Association

In Ukraine, there are several types of religious communities that ensure the realization of citizens ‘ rights to freedom of religion, meet their  religious needs, and provide religious education.

  • Registration of trade Union or Association of trade unions

The main purpose of the trade union is to protect the rights and interests of members in the process of performing labor or training functions.

  • Registration of non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations do not set the task of their operation to obtain material benefits and distribute them among participants. An NGO is registered as a legal entity.

  • Registration of a public organization

A public organization is defined as a form of association of people for joint solutions of common tasks. Only an individual can establish it and become a participant.

  • Registration of a charitable foundation

Since February 2013, Ukraine has introduced a new procedure for registering a charitable Foundation.

  • Registration of symbols of a non-profit organization or association

Associations that function as legal entities have the right to register the symbols of non-profit organizations in the Ukrgosreestr.

  • Registration of a public Association

In early 2013, a new Law On public associations was introduced. According to it, there was a cancellation of their differentiation by territorial status

  • Registration of the disabled society

Persons with disabilities need social protection and assistance to represent their interests, as well as their protection within the limits of legal norms. To do this, create a non-profitable society of persons with disabilities.

  • Registration of a youth organization

Children’s and youth organizations in Ukraine are associations created by individuals to protect the rights of participants. The registration process takes place according to the procedure approved for associations.

  • Registration of a branch of a public organization

A public Association can open its  branch (separate division) if, for example, it wants to operate in several districts or cities.

  • Registration of employers’ organizations and their associations

Employers create an organization to coordinate actions in the representation and protect their rights and legitimate interests in various areas of operation and the settlement of relations with other parties to the social dialogue.

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Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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