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NCAGE Code, DUNS Code for ukrainian companies

Registration in certain structures, which will be discussed below, is a prerequisite for all companies applying for grant support from the United States of America. If you require this funding, it is imperative that your company be awarded the NCAGE Code DUNS Code.

Such a unique identifier is provided to companies which are planning to run business with the current political power of America and receive sponsorship from it.

NCAGE Code for the company – what is it?

This code is a five-digit numeric and alphabetic identifier assigned to companies outside the United States. NCAGE codes are recognized throughout the modern world community. They are widely used in most progressive countries in various logistic and administrative processes. The United States of America applies these codes to the defense forces and throughout the government system.

Registration is carried out exclusively on the official website of the American government. The entire procedure is carried out in English only.

SAM – what is it

The abbreviation SAM stands for System Award Management. It is exclusively American system and is essentially a supplier information base for the United States government.

NCAGE code is an identifier provided to a company that represents a product / service to the US government. This code identifies both a government and a legal entity. This identifier is a kind of guarantee that a product or service meets high quality standards and the defined above specific norms and requirements.

The NCAGE code is assigned to suppliers of defense, government systems, government institutions and organizations. It is a typed way of defining a specific object at a specific location.

The NCB, or the National Codification Bureau of any country that receives NATO assistance and support, is responsible for maintaining NCAGE code data for companies from these countries. This catalog contains approximately 3,000,000 objects (about 2.6 million from the United States).

NCAGE Code for Ukrainian company

This procedure is rather complicated and requires experience and skills. To get the NCAGE code in the shortest possible time and avoid possible mistakes, save your own time and nerves – please contact our law firm. We will do everything quickly and efficiently.


We are sending a request for the assignment of a unique nine-digit identifier (consisting only of numbers) to DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet or D&B organization). Registration in this system is required for joint work with the Federal Government of America on grants and contracts. If your company has not been assigned yet this number, it is necessary to send a request for it as soon as possible. Please note that this procedure can take up to 30 (business) days.

We also provide the following services:

  • obtaining ITIN – taxpayer identification number;
  • authentication of an existing DUNS;
  • verification of contact persons;
  • company registration in NCS, NCAGE;
  • erification of information about the organization (actual and legal address, name);
  • DUNS update (annual);
  • legal support in obtaining various kinds of federal assistance from the US government;
  • resolving problems related to the difficulties of registration (contacting the Customer Interaction Center);
  • creating an account, login;
  • registration of a new company.

What Ukrainian enterprises need NCAGE Code

This code is required:

  • manufacturers of any products;
  • product suppliers (this includes retail wholesalers and small wholesalers, dealers and businesses);
  • service providers (this includes companies providing repair, construction and other intangible services, as well as firms providing education services, consultations, research organizations, etc.);
  • state institutions, military structures, etc.

Many people wonder if there is any sense in the structure of the NCAGE Code. Each state that participates in the NATO codification system is assigned a unique, distinct code structure. Those countries that are not part of this system are identified with the structure “S *** #”. For supranational companies – “I *** #” (for Ukraine “A *** J”).

How to check the availability of NCAGE Code for Ukrainian enterprises and companies

If you would like to know if your company received this identifier, please contact our legal organization. Experienced specialists of the company will quickly issue a request and carry out a check.

The client only needs to provide our employees with the following information:

  • legal entity code – EDRPOU (National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations);
  • taxpayer’s registration card number – for individuals entitites.

If you want to work with the United States government or get help, first get the NCAGE Code for your company. Please contact us for help. Our specialists will take care of this procedure and receive the necessary code for you.

You can leave a request for the NCAGE and DUNS code by calling +38 (067) 239 93 88 or by e-mail [email protected]

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.


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