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The construction license

A construction license is the main permit document in the construction industry. For the reason that construction activities belong to objects (by class of responsibility) that involve the presence of medium and large consequences, they are necessarily subject to licensing based on the list of types of licensed work performed.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company offers services to obtain licenses to conduct construction works:

  • SS2 construction license
  • SS3 construction license
  • Construction license for cottage construction
  • Construction license for the construction of high-rise buildings and structures
  • The license for the construction of bridges
  • License for construction of roads
  • License for construction of engineering networks
  • License for construction of residential buildings
  • License for construction of buildings and structures

For this activity, there are several requirements that have a qualification and organizational nature. Therefore, obtaining the appropriate license is a prerequisite.

License for construction (building permit)

The license to carry out construction activities and control over the organization’s compliance with these conditions is issued by specialists of the State architectural and construction Inspectorate. To be able to obtain a license, the applicant must submit a special application to the relevant state licensing authorities with a request for obtaining permits for conducting activities provided for by the Law of Ukraine On licensing of economic activities. In addition, you must submit a list of documentation that is specified in the specific license.

The authorized bodies must check the provided documentation for authenticity. Verification can be carried out using state registers in full compliance with the legal framework. Only after a thorough inspection by the relevant authorities is a verdict issued on granting or refusing to grant a license for construction work.

It should be noted that obtaining a construction license in itself is a rather time-consuming and lengthy process that will require the applicant to have appropriate knowledge about the license requirements and regulations.

In order nevertheless to obtain a building permit, the company will need to show the competent authorities the structure of the organization, the availability of engineering personnel, which is required under the rules, the staff, the availability of special equipment for construction, material-technical base. Also, as an example that confirms the reliability of the company, you must provide a list of construction projects that the organization was engaged in the construction of, and that were successfully completed.

An excellent option would be to contact our company, Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company provide lawyers services for obtaining a construction license.

How do I get a construction license?

By contacting our company, you do not need to spend effort and nerves to obtain a construction license, as our specialists will perform the entire list of necessary works and take care of all the administrative responsibilities for registration of documentation.

Due to the presence of a construction license, the customer gets the right to carry out the construction of objects that belong to the fourth and fifth categories of complexity. With Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers and attorneys, you can be sure that the process of obtaining a license will not interfere with the implementation of your construction company’s plans.

Documentation for obtaining a construction license

In order for the company to obtain a license for construction work, the applicant will need to provide the relevant authorities with such a list of documentation:

  • extracts from the general register confirming the authenticity of the data provided;
  • bank details of the company;
  • contact details of the Company.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers provide their clients with the following list of services:

  • consultation of professional lawyers with extensive practical experience regarding the procedure for obtaining a license for construction work by the customer;
  • if necessary, our specialists will provide full support to the client at each stage;
  • preparation of all necessary documentation to be submitted to the authorized and licensing authority;
  • our specialists will independently submit the collected documentation to the state licensing authorities;
  • at each stage of licensing, all issues that arise are guaranteed to be resolved;
  • granting the received license to the customer.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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