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Medical license

A medical license is a special permit issued by the Ministry of health protection of Ukraine based on which private medical workers and medical centers, regardless of their form of ownership, and many, both medical and preventive institutions, have the opportunity to engage in their activities.

The main document that regulates and defines requirements for doctors and medical centers in the License conditions. Therefore, their approval by the Ministry of health of Ukraine plays an important role.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers have long practiced providing services for clients to obtain a medical license. Our specialists prepare all the necessary documentation for submission to the Ministry in the shortest possible time. Taking into account the long-term practice of our company, we can say that it is quite difficult for doctors and institutions that practice privately to collect all the necessary documentation for submission to the Ministry of health from the first time. It is not uncommon for refusals in certain instances, which not only cause serious financial losses, but also delay the licensing process itself.

It is also very important to pay attention to the fact that it is possible to submit the collected package of documentation only in Kyiv. Only authorized persons in the administrative services Center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine accept documents. The presence of publications on the official website of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, where orders for issuing a license are indicated, is quite sufficient to be able to legally engage in medical activities. After that, data on the issuance of licenses will enter the Unified Register of both legal entities and individuals.

Medical practice is an activity that is directly related to a set of specific measures that are aimed at promoting better health, improving health culture indicators, reducing diseases and disabilities, and helping people suffering from acute and chronic diseases. This activity is carried out exclusively by persons who have special education.

A license for medical practice is a state-issued document that certifies the right of the licensee (a person or organization that has a license) to medical activity, provided that they fully meet the qualification, organizational and other special requirements. A license can be issued in the name of both a legal entity and an individual who practices medicine privately.

The license is issued on an indefinite basis (does not have an expiration date)

The provision of medical assistance by business entities must be carried out exclusively based on license conditions. They regulate, either directly or indirectly, such rules as requirements for premises, personnel, and the regulatory framework for the implementation of this activity. Only if they are met, you can get a license. As a result, medical practice will fully comply with the requirements of current legislation.

To obtain a medical license, you will need to collect a list of documentation.

  1. Extract from the Unified State Register.
  2. Provide data about the order to create a health care institution and the regulations about health care institutions (no. … as of …).
  3. A lease agreement and an act of acceptance and transfer of premises or obtaining ownership of the premises where the activity will be carried out.
  4. Plan-diagram of the room, where the numbers of offices and their layout will be indicated.
  5. Details should include the intended medical equipment, such as professional equipment, tools, and medical devices. It is important to specify the exact model, manufacturer’s name, and the year in which the release was made.
  6. Metrology (certificate of inspection, certificate received from the Metrology authorities on equipment inspection).
  7. An act about carrying out a sanitary and epidemiological study of the premises, which was made by the authorized bodies of the SGCS.
  8. If you plan to work with more than two specialists, you should attach an order about the appointment of the chief doctor.
  9. Diplomas about the availability of appropriate medical education of all working professionals and copies of their work record, which is certified with a wet seal, from places where these specialists recently practiced.
  10. Valid certificates of medical specialists that confirm the availability of the opportunity to engage in medical activities.
  11. Certificate for assigning a category to medical professionals (we are talking only about the last active category) and passing courses to improve the qualification level (the last courses).
  12. You will need to provide information about the mode of operation of the medical institution.
  13. Current account and details of the medical organization.
  14. Availability of a waste disposal agreement.

Services of our company:

  • due to their practical experience and high qualifications, Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers provide their clients with advice at all stages of documentation processing;
  • preparation of relevant documentation and submission of company’s statements to the authorized bodies;
  • support of the client regarding all possible issues that may arise in the process of obtaining permits;
  • submit payment documents.

In addition, Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers and attorneys provide services in support:

  • opening/closing / adding various business units;
  • the hiring or dismissal of employees;
  • message about other changes, such as hardware;
  • obtaining appropriate licenses for medical activities in general education institutions;
  • licensing of the cord blood bank.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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