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Legal support of transactions

One of the most relevant services at the moment, in our opinion, is the service of legal support of transactions.

The explanation is simple:

→ First, more and more entrepreneurs understand that it is cheaper, more convenient and more correct to prevent the problem than to solve it later. Unfortunately, this understanding comes to many people not immediately, but only after they step on more than one rake, get into an unpleasant situation, and spend a lot of time, effort and money to solve it. Where money is concerned, every word, every dot, and every comma must be weighed, checked, and studied by legal professionals.

→ Second, why a businessman simply needs to seek legal assistance when entering into an agreement is the contract inviolability. There is a proverb A contract is a sentence. This means that if, for example, you do not provide in the text of the terms of the counterpart’s liability, you will have to settle for those crumbs that are provided by law. However, the introduction of just one paragraph decides the fate of the entire agreement as a whole. Take, for example, the condition on the penalty paid by the partner in case of delay in performance of the obligation. If your counterpart fulfills its obligations on time, it has nothing to fear from this point. But this (point) will serve as a good incentive for clear implementation of all the terms of the contract. And, by the way, the law does not oblige you to collect a fine. You can do it or not. But this condition is a good lever of influence on negligent partners in the transaction.

→ The third reason for the relevance of the service for legal support of transactions is that the signing of the contract does not end the lawyer’s work, but on the contrary, only begins. From this point on, you need to carefully monitor the actual implementation of the agreement. If the counterpart violates its terms, it should be politely but firmly reminded of its obligation. If this does not apply, our lawyers prepare a statement of claim. By the way, sometimes the case does not even reach the court. After receiving the text of the claim, and seeing what sanctions threaten the debtor (fines, fines, payment of expenses for a lawyer, state duty, etc.), he prefers to voluntarily repay the debt, so as not to pay an order of magnitude more. If you get an unreasonable partner, well, it doesn’t matter: we will always defend your interests in court, get a positive decision, a writ of execution, and monitor the actual execution of the court’s decision. After all, if state executors are not disturbed, do not remind them of themselves, and do not demand specific actions, the writ of execution can gather dust in their service for a long time. So even at this stage, you cannot do without the help of a qualified lawyer.

It is clear that both the claim and enforcement proceedings are extreme measures. Our task is to prevent them. We will take all measures to protect your interests at the stage of signing the contract, and we will do everything to prevent the counterpart from violating its obligations. And at the same time, if this happens, our specialists who provide legal support for transactions will do everything to ensure that the situation is resolved favorably in the shortest possible time.

Legal support of transactions is also:

  • preparation of the offer, acceptance, Protocol of disagreements to the agreement, Protocol of their approval, etc.;
  • consulting on all legal issues related to this agreement at the request of the client, we can write a legal opinion on the feasibility of concluding this agreement, as well as calculate its possible legal consequences;
  • accompanying the client to business meetings, participation in negotiations, discussion of terms, etc.;
  • writing the agreement about prolongation of the contract;
  • drafting additional agreements to the agreement;
  • writing a claim to compel the conclusion of a contract and representation in court in this case;
  • writing a claim for termination of the contract and representation in court in this case;
  • writing requests, claims, and other official letters related to the process of concluding and executing a contract;
  • consulting on documentation related to the practical implementation of the contract (invoices, invoices, sales books, etc.);
  • other services included in the concept of legal support of transactions.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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