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Change of legal address, company name

Change of legal address

The legislation of Ukraine prescribes the definition of the legal address. It means the location where the company’s address is located or the dream where the company’s management is located. This address is registered in the constituent documents and may differ from the actual location.

The legal address can be changed. If you change your legal address, you must issue documents and make appropriate changes to the registers. That is, you should contact the Fiscal service, the statistics Department and the social insurance Fund. After that, updated information is entered the Unified state register. In other words, to change the legal address of a company or enterprise, you must contact the authorized state bodies.

Changing the legal address can take place using different algorithms. Everything depends, first, on the organizational aspects and form.

Changing the legal address of a company, organization or public Association takes place in strict accordance with the Charter and Ukrainian legislation. In addition, you must contact the Ministry of justice (branch in the locality). Employees are served:

  • application (available in freeform)
  • registration card #4,
  • certificate of registration (original or duplicate-does not matter.).
  • Updated information after changing the legal address of the company must be included in the Charter.
  • In what order is the adoption procedure carried out:
  • meeting of the Supreme body (it makes a decision on changing the legal address);
  • changes at the state Registrar.

The State Registrar takes the documentation, begins the review and enters the information into the Unified state register.

Changing the legal address is a rather time-consuming process that entails changing the statutory documents, moving to another tax authority (if necessary), re-registering permits, etc.

Changing the Company name

Changing the company name is a time-consuming procedure. To do this, you need to collect the necessary documents, execute them correctly, and interact with the state authorities authorized for this purpose.

Changing the name of a legal entity is the right of the company to change the name at any time of its activity. It is worth considering an example: the company previously specialized in children’s toys. Now it wants to become a printing company. Since the previous name does not correspond to the field of activity, it is necessary to change the name. By the way, you also need to make changes to taxation.

How is the change of name of the company? First, the Supreme Council meets, where a decision is made taking into account all the norms of the current legislation and the company’s Charter. You do not have to pay administrative fees for changing the name. This procedure is free of charge.

Changing the name is not just a matter of words. Updated information entered all state registers, as well as the company’s statutory documents. These issues are resolved at the meeting. If the majority voted Yes, the package of documents is transferred to the state Registrar. Thus, the company changes its name. Although the Registrar may refuse with good reason.

If you need advice or assistance in solving this problem, please contact our specialists!

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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