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Changing and re-registration businesses

The procedure for re-registration of an enterprise consists of several stages:

  1. Registration and certification of documents. The first stage involves the decision of the company’s founders to move, purchase real estate for production or office, or enter into a lease agreement. The last step is required to assign a new legal address to the company.
  2. Recording updated details in the unified state register at the location of the current registration and entering the data of the legal entity in the lists of the state register. Such manipulation takes one day and can be performed without the personal presence of the applicant. That is, you do not need to spend time visiting the relevant authorities. At the time of submitting documents to state agencies, you can be anywhere in the country. Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers, as the responsible party, take it upon themselves.
  3. Re-registration of a legal entity in the tax service. Changing the legal address entails changing the tax office that serves your organization. To do this, you need to update the data that is stored in the state body. This procedure cannot be delayed, it must be completed after 30 days after the registration of the legal address in the USR. Failure to comply with the deadlines may result in penalty charges and tax penalties.

Lawyers and attorneys of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company offer a range of services related to modification and re-registration of companies:

  • Making changes to the text of the company’s charter;
  • The procedure for reorganizing the legal entity;
  • Re-registration of LLC, firms and enterprises;
  • Change of business leaders, founders;
  • Identification of final beneficiaries, etc.
  1. Changing and making changes to the legal address of the company-preparing the necessary documents for submission to the Central tax service, tax service, etc.
  2. Change of the founder of the JSC is carried out by a meeting of founders, whose share in the authorized capital is more than 60%, after those changes are made to the unified state register.
  3. Change of the head of the company, preparation of a package of documents, as well as obtaining an extract with the new Director.
  4. Renaming an enterprise, company, firm or organization is the decision is made at a meeting of the Supreme management body, and then the package of documents is passed to the state Registrar.
  5. Changes in the authorized capital, its increase or decrease
  6. Changing the Charter of LLC is development of the Charter and making changes with notarization.
  7. LLC re-registration

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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