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Legal entities

A lawyer for business is a specialist with experience in supporting business projects, legal subscription services and supporting the activities of the company, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and business in various fields:

  • Debt collection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Subscription legal services
  • Tax dispute
  • Intellectual property
  • Registration, liquidation, reorganization of enterprises
  • Licensing of activities
  • Compliance
  • Audit
  • Enforcement proceeding
  • Support of the company’s tender activities.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company is an active participant in the legal services market of Ukraine, always providing effective legal assistance to its clients. Our partners are responsible to customers for the quality of services provided. We strive to justify the trust sh in us.

A lawyer for the business: we provide services

  • consultations on business planning, business opening and other issues related to the business sphere;
  • legal development of contracts, agreements, their examination, making additions and changes;
  • preparation and submission of applications, complaints and claims to public authorities and individuals;
  • representation of interests in court;
  • participation in negotiations on behalf of the company with third parties;
  • services of a lawyer in tax disputes such as taxation, support during tax audits, appeal of actions of representatives of the fiscal service;
  • business registration, liquidation, and reorganization;
  • legal support of transactions and investment projects;
  • resolution of customs disputes and other;
  • all entrepreneurs need legal support for their business, as there are always huge risks and legal problems, such as:
  • raider attacks on the company;
  • unfair competition;
  • pitfalls in contracts, their non-fulfillment by the second party;
  • company assets are under arrest;
  • conflicts with employees;
  • fines from inspections by tax authorities that need to be appealed.

If you need qualified legal support for your business, please contact Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company. The lawyer for our company’s business has more than 10 years of practical experience in solving problems related to the business sphere.

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