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Сonstruction and real estate

The real estate market in our country belongs to the largest and most complex business sector.

In Ukraine, various real estate transactions are constantly concluded with different levels of risk, in which investors, performing companies, financial companies, banks, and individuals participate.

Thanks to its knowledge in this area of law, Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company has proven its competence and professionalism over many years of work. Every day we advise clients on various issues related to real estate and the commercial component of this area. That is why our lawyers are always aware of all changes in the current legislation to promptly and effectively fulfill all incoming requests related, including those related to real estate rental, construction, investment, etc.

In our services, our specialists act not only as legal consultants but also as experts on possible risks and prospects in the real estate sector. We try to make every effort to ensure that our customers can get a satisfactory result.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company services:

  • full and comprehensive support of transactions related to real estate;
  • legal analysis and structuring of real estate and construction processes;
  • development and support of projects: construction, investment, development;
  • advising on the risks of purchasing a particular property;
  • support of the construction process at all its stages;
  • legal services for real estate objects;
  • expert evaluation of real estate objects from the point of view of law;
  • optimization and development of the most effective tax system for activities in this area;
  • analysis and full support of real estate investments;
  • adaptation and preparatory work for financing schemes for the sector and its activities;
  • assistance in collecting the necessary documents;
  • establishing contact with representatives of state regulatory authorities;
  • protection of the client’s interests in the courts.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company provides legal services to performing companies, developers, funds, insurance companies, private investors, logistics and infrastructure companies, representatives of the agricultural industry, etc.

The company’s specialists, having the necessary knowledge about the risks of the Ukrainian construction and real estate market, help clients avoid possible difficulties.

We care not only about the development of each project but also about its effectiveness from a commercial point of view. This can apply to absolutely any project: construction, investment, financial or with regard to the usual acquisition of real estate.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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