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Assistance in the implementation of an investment project

The specifics of the implementation and evaluation of the infrastructure investment project should be taken into account when preparing the financial model of the project under consideration. Due to this, the investment project will be successful and increase profitability during its implementation. If this stage was skipped, attention should be focused on documentation, analysis of the financing system, and other issues.

Having extensive experience in the field of investment, Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists have significant advantages over the employees of the company, which allow you to perform tasks efficiently and quickly, despite the complexity.

Drawing up a business plan for an investment project

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company provides partial or full support of investment projects. By contacting us, you will receive high-quality assistance from experienced specialists in the first stages of preparing the financial model of the project. We will help you create a business plan based on the study of the market situation and the availability of prospects for development in the future.

In addition to the main indicators, the business plan will display economic, legal and financial statements. To compile the listed documentation, we will conduct a number of activities aimed at planning cash flows, legal audits, etc.

Calculating the tax burden and ways to minimize it

Conducting any business activity can not exist without obligations to the state in the form of taxation. The obligation is meant to control the payment of taxes for the purchase/sale of land for construction, trade transactions with contractors, and others. The business activity involves the payment of part of the profit to the state budget, according to tax legislation.

The legislation of Ukraine in relation to business and investment activity implies not only requirements and obligations to the state, but also the rights of the subject, which can legally reduce the tax burden. Given the specifics of this issue, it can only be handled by an experienced and savvy specialist. In addition to calculating and minimizing the tax burden, our specialists also perform other activities, including:

  • preparation of tax documentation;
  • representation of interests in state tax authorities;
  • drawing up and filing a complaint about the work of state bodies in connection with the incorrect calculation of the tax burden.

Choosing a land plot for the implementation of an investment and construction project

If the investment project affects the construction sector, our company is ready to help in solving the following issues:

  • setting the legal history of the object of sale and the seller’s rights to it;
  • legal analysis of the possibility of implementing a construction project on this land plot;
  • preparation of the site selection report and other accompanying documents involved in the transaction.

In addition to these services, our specialists will take responsibility for visiting government agencies and preparing various documentation related to the selection, purchase and lease of land for construction.

Preparation of project documentation

Project documentation of an investment project is the basis for conducting investment activities, without which the project cannot exist. It must contain full information about the transaction, have a competent and structured design, and meet the requirements of the law.

An incorrectly drawn up document or errors in it may cause potential investors to refuse to participate in the project, as well as unscheduled inspections of government agencies. Applying for help to Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company, you exclude this possibility because the level of qualification of our specialists allows you to carefully work out the details of the client’s transaction and provide a high-quality document following all the features.

Lending to investment projects

For the development of an investment project and its implementation in the future, financial injections are needed. A significant part of the flows consists of bank loans, which is the norm for a market economy. If you plan to apply to a financial institution for loans, we suggest that you first contact our specialists for help. Cooperation with Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will allow you to analyze the financial risks associated with lending, study the loan agreement, and involve an experienced specialist in the search for a reliable Bank that can protect the borrower from unfavorable conditions of the loan agreement and financial pit in the future.

We will help you solve any legal issue related to conducting investment activities in complex and atypical areas.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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