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Land disputes

Lawyers working in the field of land law, in most cases, face various kinds of conflicts, and disputes, which often end in the courtroom. Why do you need a land lawyer? The reasons for contacting lawyers on this topic are quite trivial: land disputes, resolving conflict situations related to land ownership rights or committing illegal actions to these rights.

Attorney on land issues. Property rights are almost always certain risks that are difficult to avoid.

Land disputes can look like this. For example, several people can claim one land plot at once, which creates a legal dispute.

Land disputes, and the solution of the problem in the court of land legislation of Ukraine – the only correct way out of this situation, as it guarantees an unambiguous definition of ownership in the course of the proceedings, Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company on land disputes, in this case, are the same parties to such proceedings. A lawyer can competently represent the interests of his client in the courtroom: conduct negotiations prior to the trial at the proper level, select arguments in defense, and find the necessary evidence for these arguments, issue an accompanying package of documents, get the necessary statements, etc.

Our company offers its clients high-quality legal assistance aimed at supporting such cases and obtaining the most acceptable result in a land dispute. Our help is used by both individuals, and corporations. Lawyers always treat cases with due responsibility, as they understand the thoroughness and the importance of solving the problem.

A significant advantage of seeking help from a professional lawyer is also the possibility of the latter’s intervention in the case at any stage, in which case land disputes and court cases will be supported by high-quality legal support. As a result, the client will receive thorough legal support aimed at resolving various violations by third parties in the field of land law.

Land disputes that require the assistance of a lawyer or lawyer:

  1. On the return of ownership of land.
  2. On the restoration of violated land boundaries.
  3. About recognition of transactions as illegal (purchase, and sale, lease of land, etc.).
  4. On the protection of property rights, and the implementation of activities aimed at suppressing encroachments on land.

What can help a lawyer/attorney on land issues in support of transactions associated with the land?

Land disputes in sales, and lease transactions. Our specialists are able to help you with the support of transactions of various types that are related to land plots. Such transactions can include purchase, and sale, lease, and gift transactions. The essence is only that at the conclusion of these agreements there is a change or transfer of ownership. In any case, a lawyer with proper professionalism can carry out all the necessary procedures quickly, and competently from the current legislation, thereby completely freeing his client from unnecessary waste of time and money.

Our services include the following:

  • conducting legal consultations on the issues of resolution of disputes connected with the right of ownership to land;
  • legal support of the land purchase, and sale or lease transactions;
  • assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation for the land;
  • comprehensive examination of documents confirming the ownership of the land plot;
  • conducting legal expertise of a set of documents related to the allocation of land plots;
  • representation in courts, and state bodies that regulate the legal component of land ownership;
  • assistance in the implementation of land division;
  • legal regulation of land use;

Land disputes and the assistance of a lawyer in cases related to land ownership can be not only practical (dispute resolution in court) but also theoretical. A consultation service is an opportunity to learn about what legal options exist for resolving a dispute over land ownership.

In simple terms, such a consultation is a specialist service that helps you understand the main aspects of legal regulation of legal relations described in the Land Code of Ukraine. What can a land lawyer do? If you ask for advice on time, you can not only learn how to resolve land disputes but also how to avoid it altogether.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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