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Family disputes

Following the provisions of the Family Code of Ukraine, property acquired by spouses during a marriage belongs to wife and husband on the right of common ownership in equal shares. The wife and husband have the right to divide the property by mutual consent. A family lawyer will help to divide property or divorce if the wife and husband have not agreed on the procedure for dividing property rights, in which case the dispute can only be resolved by a court. The family lawyer of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will give quality advice. At the same time, if there are children, alimony will be only for the benefit of the child.

Practice shows that the parties rarely come to an agreement on the division of joint property acquired during the marriage, in a civilized way, and do not have mutual claims in divorce in this case, we can simultaneously begin the procedure of divorce together with the division of property or the allocation of a share in the jointly acquired property. Much more often, spouses have to carry out the division of the apartment when divorcing in Ukraine in court. In such cases, the professional assistance of a family lawyer of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will be very valuable.

A family lawyer at Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specializes in complex cases in the field of family law. The experience of our lawyers who can solve cases, including with the help of international institutions, corresponds to the solution of such issues.

There is a misconception that the division of marital property belongs to the category of simple lawsuits. If you are using legal services for the first time, it may seem that it is enough to identify the fact that the property was purchased by a married couple during their marriage, as well as its exact market value at the time of partition. However, the difficulty is added by the possible unwillingness of one of the spouses to carry out the partition, cases of hiding property or relevant documents. To solve these issues in the legal field and are designed experts of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company.

Today, the dissolution of marriage (divorce) has become a common phenomenon, however, it is rare when it passes quietly and, most often, brings a lot of disagreements that can best be settled by a family lawyer. This is severe stress not only for adults but also for children, because, often, people face some problems that they did not know about.

A family lawyer is your assistant in overcoming this difficult process!

The divorce process causes a very strong emotional experience for the two parties involved in the process. Of course, this is due to the very result of a failed relationship, but also largely due to legal issues about the division of property or who the children will stay with.

A family lawyer will be able to bend the court’s decisions in favor of his client, which will allow the latter to choose the divorce terms that he wants, while alimony (the number of payment) for the child can also be determined voluntarily, which is important to know. Also, do not forget that a professional family lawyer cannot only significantly speed up this unpleasant procedure, but also help to avoid various points that may interfere with a positive result for the client.

Children, and especially minors, and worry about their future, can significantly escalate the situation. The question Where and with whom will the children live? and the procedure for calculating alimony and many other problems should be solved by your family lawyer, in the case when the divorce occurs in the court. Problems such as divorce, division of property – issues that are very difficult to solve independently without the help of a competent lawyer. At the same time, it should be taken into account that alimony and its calculation are based on the total income received by the spouse, depending on which parent the child will live with.

Family lawyer of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company offers you the following services in the field of family relations:

  • family law advice
  • dissolution of marriage (divorce) in court, division of property
  • recovery of alimony
  • contesting paternity/motherhood
  • drafting a prenuptial agreement
  • deprivation/restriction of parental rights
  • the allocation of the marital share
  • determining the order of communication with the child, determining the child’s place of residence
  • adoption

A family dispute lawyer helps you deal with property and non-property issues, facilitate the divorce process and resolve issues in favor of your client.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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