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Registration of an enterprise with foreign investment in Ukraine

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company provides a range of legal services to support the registration of companies with foreign participation.

For doing business in Ukraine, national legislation provides all the conditions. Foreign entities (non-residents) have the opportunity to legally organize a business in Ukraine and Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will help you in this.

Registration of a company with foreign investment for a non-resident founder of Ukraine is based on the creation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) since this form of ownership is most suitable for this procedure.

Creating an LLC with foreign capital by a foreign citizen/person will be the best solution for those who have decided to open a company in Ukraine, where it is allowed to create an enterprise with 100% foreign capital and the owner

Enterprise with foreign investment is an enterprise (organization) of any organizational and legal form, established following the legislation of Ukraine, foreign investment in the authorized capital of which, if available, is not less than 10 percent.

An enterprise acquires the status of an enterprise with foreign investment from the date when the foreign investment is credited to its balance sheet.

The establishment of an enterprise with foreign investment (hereinafter referred to as FCE) requires not only mandatory foreign investment, but also full compliance with the legislation that defines the conditions for investment activity on the territory of Ukraine.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company’s range of services for registration of a Limited Liability Company includes:

  • advising on the future taxation of LLC and choosing the optimal tax system;
  • providing a legal address (if necessary) in any of the ten districts of Kyiv City (paid separately);
  • advising on the formation of the authorized Fund (capital) of your LLC and its filling;
  • preparation of a full set of constituent documents (Protocol on the creation of an LLC, Charter, etc.) that are maximally adapted to Your business;
  • assistance in the notarization of constituent documents;
  • submission of a full set of documents to the relevant regional state administration in Kyiv;
  • getting an extract from the USR;
  • register with the statistics department and get a certificate of inclusion of your LLC in the unified state register of legal entities;
  • production printing.
  • bank account opening.

To get started, you need to provide: 

From individuals who are not residents of Ukraine:

  • Copies of passports of non-resident founders, Directors, and accountants.
  • Information about assigning an identification number to founders in Ukraine (if necessary, you can order this service from us).
  • Certificate of legal address (if necessary, we provide services for obtaining a legal address for non- residents).
  • The list of properties included in the Charter and the share participation of the founders.

From non- resident legal entities of Ukraine: 

  • Certificate or statement of registration of an enterprise with foreign investment in the territory of Ukraine.
  • A notarized power of attorney issued to an authorized person who has the right to represent and sign on behalf of the foreign founder.

IMPORTANT!!! Please note: registration of foreign investments is a prerequisite for a company to acquire the status of an enterprise with 100% foreign capital.

→ The general registration period of an LLC with foreign founders (including obtaining a number) is up to 21 days.

Why do you need to choose Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company?

As we have: 

  1. a detailed answer to all questions is provided;
  2. only experienced lawyers respond;
  3. the consultation takes place on time;
  4. comprehensive assistance in solving legal problems is provided
  5. effective legal support for foreign citizens;

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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