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Deportation from Ukraine

Deportation from Ukraine is a procedure for forcibly expelling citizens of other countries from Ukraine for certain reasons.

To stop this process, if it is illegal, can skilled lawyers of Kasyanenko and Partners Law Company. Specialists will provide assistance to the client in the process of appealing the decision of employees of the state migration service (SMS), because the main task of lawyers and lawyers is to defend and protect the interests of foreigners in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine.

Grounds for deportation

List of the main reasons for the deportation of foreigners, according to Ukrainian legislation:

  • a citizen temporarily resides on the territory of Ukraine without any documents confirming his identity;
  • a person has committed a criminal offense;
  • the foreigner’s documents are overdue;
  • illegal border crossing;
  • a work permit issued in Ukraine that does not comply with Ukrainian law;
  • the transit order was violated;
  • ignoring rules and regulations regarding the change of residence or free movement within the country;
  • use of an expired visa.

It is the latter reason that is the most common situation when citizens are deported to their homeland.

A foreigner does not always have the opportunity to restore or extend the visa document, as a result of such problems:

When deporting a foreign citizen, as well as persons who do not have citizenship, you must contact Kasyanenko and Partners Law Company for assistance. Experienced lawyers will help you avoid disputes with the police and migration service by resolving issues.

How does the deportation procedure work?

According to the Constitution of Ukraine, before the deportation of a detained alien, he must be told about his rights, duties, consequences in case of refusal to leave Ukraine, as well as specify the exact period during which he must have time to leave the country. When communicating with a citizen who does not speak Ukrainian or Russian, you must use the services of an interpreter who will convey all important information to the foreigner.

If a citizen has committed a serious crime against Ukrainian citizens or the state, his passport will be marked as so-called undesirable person.

In the process of resolving conflict situations with employees of the migration service, it is best to enlist the support of Kasyanenko and Partners Law Company lawyers. Specialists will help resolve disputes, challenge penalties, and protect the interests of foreigners. According to legal practice, the decisions of employees of the SMS or the court can always be appealed, finding the right way to prove their case.

Services, the timing

Kasyanenko and Partners Law Company provides professional assistance for every citizen in the following situations:

  • with the threat of forced expulsion;
  • when it is necessary to reduce the period of deportation;
  • when you need to appeal the actions of the migration service;
  • when rejecting charges of violations that the alien did not commit;
  • assistance from the embassy to recover a lost or new visa.

Specialists will help you get a reprieve for deportation from the country or even cancel the forced expulsion. An experienced specialist can organize verification, as well as change information in the SMS and Non Grata systems.

The advice of lawyers to avoid deportation

To resolve conflict situations with employees of the SMS, it is recommended to issue a timely form:

  • invitation;
  • citizenship;
  • TIN;
  • registration, residence permit;
  • refugee status;
  • work permit in another country.

If a foreigner does not agree with the decision of the SMS, they will need to file a claim with the court. With the help of experienced lawyers of Kasyanenko and Partners Law Company, a citizen of another state will be able to appeal the decision and stay in Ukraine legally.

In addition to protecting the rights and interests of foreigners, our specialists also assist in the process of processing various packages of documents. Keep in mind that the migration service will not be able to forcibly deport a person who has all the necessary documents.

Dmytro Kasyanenko

Lawyer, managing partner of the Kasyanenko & Partners Law Firm. Since 2002, he has gained extensive legal experience in key positions in business structures and the public sector in the field of law and finance.

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