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Criminal practice

Ensure a successful outcome of your case with the help of leading lawyers in Kyiv and Ukraine. A criminal lawyer will help you understand complex issues related to criminal prosecution.

A criminal lawyer from Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company is one of the TOP 20 strongest lawyers in the country.

A criminal defense lawyer. Recommendations about the services of the best lawyers that Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company cooperates with are passed personally. But when considering criminal cases, there is often no time and no one to ask for advice, and it is scary to defend yourself blindly.

Lawyer in Kyiv, lawyer in Ukraine

You can ask for help from Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company’s professionals, who have authority, a solid reputation and extensive experience in the positive solution of the most complex cases.

Criminal lawyer works for the final result: 90% of cases with a positive decision

Few people realize that the outcome of a case depends NOT ONLY on facts, evidence, arguments, honesty, or conscience…

Even innocent people can be convicted because of:

  • Careless statements at the investigation or in court.
  • Skillfully prepared the indictments.
  • Incorrect protection strategy.
  • Undetected mitigating circumstances.
  • Tricky questions from investigators.

The success of the business depends on professionalism!

Criminal lawyer of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company will help in:

  • Representation of the client’s interests at any stage of the criminal process.
  • Protect the principal from the pressure of the investigation and administrative resources.
  • Developing the most effective defense strategy in the courts.
  • Challenging groundless refusals to initiate criminal proceedings.
  • Commutation of the sentence, or its complete cancellation.
  • Preventing law enforcement agencies from failing to act.

A criminal lawyer fully protects his clients:

  • We carefully analyze the case materials, preventing the client from taking the wrong steps.
  • We conduct a thorough legal analysis of all the existing circumstances.
  • We advise the principal in detail on all aspects of criminal proceedings for a positive decision of the case.
  • Collect evidence that provides a high-quality argument for the legal position of the suspect, defendant, or convicted person.
  • We provide full support of criminal proceedings at all stages (during interrogations, investigations, pre-trial work and when considering the case in court).
  • We develop a detailed legal position for witnesses, victims, suspects, defendants or convicts.
  • We prevent possible pressure from law enforcement agencies on our client.
  • We take the necessary measures to re-qualify the article, remove the charges and resolve the case positively.
  • Carefully collect and prepare the documents necessary to get the desired result.
  • We protect the interests of the Principal in any court instances, in investigative and state bodies, in the prosecutor’s office, etc.

Our advantages:

  • We have been protecting our clients for more than 15 years
  • Criminal practice is one of the main areas of our work
  • We know thoroughly how law enforcement or judicial bodies function
  • We have experience in working with various government agencies
  • More than 2000 criminal trials were conducted

When the case is handled by professionals of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company:

  • We make every effort and knowledge to actively protect the client’s interests
  • We use our experience and skills to prepare the most effective strategy
  • We feel personally responsible for the client’s fate
  • More value the professional honor, not an increase to the fees



We give honest and realistic forecasts, telling you about all the subtleties and warning you about the hidden nuances of your business.


You get informed and carefully thought-out decisions.


We work with clients strictly personally, if necessary-we use a collective approach.


Strict personnel selection and creation of a team of professionals allow Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company to successfully solve criminal cases of any level.


We employ highly qualified, experienced lawyers who specialize in defense in criminal proceedings.


We take on the most difficult cases where we can help, the choice is not affected by the status or position of the client

How will we influence the course and result of your case:

  • If a criminal investigation is initiated, the lawyer will offer a clear plan of action to successfully resolve various issues. Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company specialists will do everything possible to ensure that the criminal case against you does not appear.
  • When you are protected by another lawyer, you can get an objective expert assessment and an excellent chance of a positive decision in your favor.
  • If you have a criminal record, we will make sure that any mitigating circumstances are taken into account.

Do you think the services of a professional are too expensive?

  • Many trials are handled by state (free) defense lawyers, where the number of acquittals is lower.
  • Experience, time and conscientious attitude to work cannot be cheap. For self-respecting professionals, money always means less than the problems and fates of people.
  • We offer an affordable price level, trying to find mutually beneficial options.
  • A decision in your favor is much more expensive than paying for legal services. A professional will help you avoid legal proceedings and the most significant costs.

How we work:

  1. Leave a request on the website to get advice.
  2. Our lawyer will get acquainted with your problem, offering a plan of action.
  3. If you trust the protection of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company, we conclude an appropriate contract.
  4. You pay for the services of a criminal lawyer (there is a possibility of payment by installments).
  5. We register the contract with the lawyer’s Association and issue an order that provides the necessary powers for the lawyer.
  6. We will do everything to achieve a positive decision in your favor.

There is already another criminal lawyer, can I contact you?

Yes, if you want to find the optimal strategy and win the case. You need to take maximum care of the quality of your protection.

What guarantees of a positive decision of the case?

The terms of the code of attorney ethics do not guarantee any results. Consideration of the case depends on the mass of circumstances, factors and people involved in the proceedings. We only 100% guarantee the quality and professionalism of our actions, responsible for the work performed. Our specialists will make every effort to get the desired result.

Do you work in the regions?

We provide services throughout Ukraine. You can contact our specialists and discuss all your questions individually.

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