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We cooperate fruitfully with law companies and practicing lawyers throughout Ukraine and in other countries.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company offers potential partners cooperation on a commercial basis, based on the principles of mutual benefit, to provide information and production services. The key to the success of the offer is the growing market demand for legal services related to issues of debt to Banks, both individuals and legal entities.

Why should you choose Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company?

  1. Our company is a successful law company and occupies the first position among law companies that solve a number of issues in the field of jurisprudence.
  2. The Company has been developing dynamically for more than 10 years and is constantly expanding its client and partner base.
  3. The Company’s partners are highly qualified and experienced specialists who have a thorough knowledge of the law, can find an individual approach to each specific problem and have extensive experience in representation in courts of all levels on the protection of the legally protected rights and interests of the company’s clients in the process of consideration of economic, administrative, civil and land disputes.

Goals of cooperation:

We search for partners who, using their client base and partnerships, will search for clients to conclude and execute legal aid agreements with our law company to resolve economic, administrative, civil and land disputes in favor of the client.

The main areas of search for clients are banking institutions, financial companies (organizations), enterprises, regardless of ownership, legal entities and individuals who can act as a debtor in credit and financial relations, and persons who are materially interested in resolving other disputes.

This cooperation should be based on a commercial basis and mutual benefit for both Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company and potential partners.

What benefits can partners get from such cooperation?

  1. Cooperation with one of the leading companies in the legal services market in Ukraine.
  2. High profitability.
  3. Organized and well-established cooperation processes.
  4. Prescribed standards of cooperation on a contractual basis which minimizes risks.

Types of partnerships

  1. Attracting partner investments.
  2. Attracting new customers.
  3. Management of one of the areas of legal services on a contractual basis.
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