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Since 2010, the active practice of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company lawyers throughout Ukraine and abroad makes it possible to recognize the company as one of the best in the field of legal services.

The trust of our clients, the vast experience in various branches of law, acquired by tireless work on the way to perfection, allowed the company to become one of the most rated in the Ukrainian market of legal services.


The Company’s core business areas are

  • corporate business services,
  • support of negotiations and legal proceedings on a resolution of problem credit debts and restructuring of financial obligations.

The most important part of the company’s activities is comprehensive protection of the private property rights of legal entities and individuals, taxation issues, and administration of the insolvency recognition process.

Our highly qualified lawyers and attorneys specialize primarily in providing legal support and representation of clients ‘ interests in the course of legal proceedings, the main purpose of the lawyer’s participation in which is to protect the violated rights and legitimate interests of the client in relations with banking and financial institutions, government agencies, contractors under civil and economic agreements.

The primary problems faced by the company’s clients are violations of the corporate rights of a legal entity, infringements on the property and non-property rights of a citizen, financial fraud with the mortgage real estate of the borrower, or the assets of the debtor company.

Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company is particularly known for its outstanding lawyers and lawyers whose experience covers the application of knowledge of international arbitration, corporate law and antitrust rules of business, intellectual property and information law, real estate, insurance, business registration, taxation, licensing, certification, and so on.

The company’s specialists provide a wide range of consulting services for citizens and businesses following national and international legislation, in particular, financial, land, labor, medical law, agricultural, construction and energy sectors of the economy, media and IT industry, foreign trade and international trade, transport, insurance, etc.

We strictly observe the terms of confidentiality, banking and attorney-client confidentiality.

Our clients are large agro-producers and enterprises of the energy sector, importers of goods from abroad, exporters of raw materials from Ukraine, which Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company provides services for conducting business in legal relations with the state to avoid tax burden and prevent the application of financial sanctions. Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company team of specialists successfully conducts court practice on bankruptcy of enterprises, participates in meetings of creditors’ commissions, and accompanies tenders for the sale of the debtor’s property.

All company lawyers are charged with individual support of clients in cases of violation of constitutional human and civil rights by illegal actions of state authorities, the need to protect consumer rights from unscrupulous manufacturers and service providers, protect the honor, dignity and business reputation of individuals and legal entities, and legal aspects of compensation for material and moral damage.

Core values of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company are:

  1. Attracting partner investments.
  2. Attracting new customers.
  3. Managing one of the areas of legal services on a contractual basis.

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