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ПартнерKhrystyna Vovchenko is a lawyer, partner of Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company.

Khrystyna has 10 years of experience in legal support and representation of clients in government agencies and banking institutions.

Before providing legal services at Kasyanenko & Partners Law Company, she was actively engaged in research and practice in the field of contract law and intellectual property law. Since June 2009, she has worked in the Department of State Representation in Courts of the Main Department of Justice.

She worked with documentation of various legal types, quickly makes decisions and notices small details, thanks to which many legal processes have acquired a completely different course, focused on protecting the client.


The main areas of specialization are:

  • bank lending;
  • debt restructuring;
  • operations with distressed assets;
  • tax dispute;
  • disputes with state authorities and management bodies;
  • legal expertise and conclusion of contracts;
  • intellectual property right;
  • representation of interests in courts;
  • settlement of disputes with banking institutions in pre-trial and judicial proceedings.

Business sector:

  • financial law
  • corporate law
  • legal support of legal entities
  • administrative law.

During the period of active litigation on the repayment of credit debt and the use of non-judicial methods of foreclosure by banking institutions, Khrystyna developed some progressive methods of protecting the interests of the Company’s clients, which are still successful today.

Also, Khrystyna specializes in:

  • disputes concerning the protection of property rights (including the return to ownership of property seized as a result of raiding, the division of marital property, etc.),
  • family law (divorce, division of property, restoration of parental rights, alimony, custody disputes, deprivation of parental rights, establishment of the place of residence of the child, participation in the upbringing of the child, payment of alimony)
  • contractual relations (including the acquisition and disposal of real estate in the primary and secondary markets, analysis and recommendations on signing contracts, etc.)

For high performance, achievement of significant results, initiative and professional competence, she was awarded The national certificate of the National business rating with the title Specialist of the year 2018.

Khrystyna is actively involved in the development of legal schemes and mechanisms, analysis of current legislation, closely interacts with government agencies and international partners.


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